FGS Contracts as a Service (CaaS) gives you a single platform to manage and view all of your service agreements, support contracts and warranties.

Controlling annuities, warranties and support contracts can deliver significant cost reductions, improve efficiency and enhance services. And it is vital from an operational, financial and compliance perspective that your assets are covered correctly.

One login, one view, complete control...CaaS.

  • Easy access to the details of cover provided on every asset
  • Full visibility on expired or expiring contracts and certificates
  • Ensures you are only paying for active devices
  • Makes budgeting simple
  • Works with your Configuration Management Database System
  • Provides asset support statistics

You will never forget a contract deadline again!

CaaS makes finding the answer simple!

If a failure occurs on one of your assets, do you know:

  • If the product is covered by a support contract and/or warranty?
  • What level of support is provided?
  • Who should you contact?
  • What are the SLAs?

Make wondering who has the copy of the support document a thing of the past with CaaS!

We understand that managing support for hardware, software and infrastructure from a myriad of vendors is particularly challenging. Automatic renewals mean that many companies are paying support for assets that have been retired, and failure to meet renewal deadlines on assets in use can result in financial penalties and lack of cover.

The CaaS platform from FGS makes it simple

Our cloud-based system allows you to manage all of your support contracts, warranty entitlements and term-based subscriptions, both physical and digital, in a single screen.

This eliminates the “spreadsheet” management employed by many companies which is both laborious and prone to error.