HPE Primera is the world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps.

The agility and simplicity of HPE Nimble Storage, the intelligence of HPE InfoSight, and the proven resilience of HPE 3PAR!

Primera is a unique platform that lets you innovate without compromise with the resiliency and performance you need with the agility of the cloud.

With HPE Primera, enterprises get:

  • An on-demand experience with up to 93% time savings from managing storage through all of the automation and intelligence
  • App-aware resiliency backed with a 100% availability guarantee standard for every array
  • And predictive acceleration to consolidate every mission critical app with over 2X performance improvement in Oracle.

Every enterprise wants the agility of the public cloud, but can be tethered down to complex high-end storage because they need the resiliency and speed of high-end storage for mission critical apps. This forces a tradeoff, a sacrifice of agility for resiliency.

Primera delivers!

  • On-demand experience for instant access to data and consumable as a service
  • App-aware resiliency that sees beyond the walls of storage to predict/prevent disruptions
  • Predictive acceleration to safely consolidate every mission critical app on the same platform with extreme low-latency performance

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