FGS support and improve your infrastructure with optimised solutions including hybrid cloud, servers, storage and networking.

Our Promise


  • We have the in-house expertise, our own software, and the vendor partners to transform your data centre
  • We will simplify and improve your infrastructure, making the process transparent and measurable
  • We will ensure that your data centre provides innovation and excellence to your business.
FGS enables you to:


  • Power your organisation with perfect infrastructure
  • Unleash your potential with a hybrid cloud strategy
  • Ignite your IT with AI.

Unleash your potential with a hybrid cloud strategy

Simplify and accelerate your IT, reduce cost and complexity, improve productivity and build agility with a hybrid cloud solution.

Using a public Cloud to host applications is a great way to expand without large hardware investments. However, the monthly costs can rapidly escalate as requirements grow.

A hybrid cloud strategy allows you to have workloads hosted in the most cost effective ways for your specific needs. For example, email services may be best served in a public cloud, while database applications may run better on a private cloud on on-site servers.

FGS can help you find the right hybrid cloud balance. Using Hewlett Packard Enterprises Greenlake solution we enable you to have the hardware needed to run private cloud applications with no upfront costs. You only pay for the capacity that is utilised within the hardware, giving the consumption model used in the public cloud, with the benefit of on-site equipment which can easily be scaled up or down with your needs. And you can manage it all from a single platform!