Optimised Workplace

FGS simplify management of staff identities and automate labour intensive processes to streamline your workforce and boost morale and efficiency.

Manage staff identities and access rights with ease

With a vast number of the workforce now working remotely, it is essential that they can access the information and systems they need with ease. It is equally important that information and systems are protected and the right personnel have the right access. FGS SureStaff makes this simple.

Meanwhile, one of the most error-prone and time-consuming processes in organisations is employee on and off-boarding. It impacts morale, staff retention and productivity.

  • On-boarding is the most broken processes in the workplace according to A Nintex study
  • Glassdoor found that strong on-boarding can improve retention rates by as much as 82%


There are major benefits in having these processes automated – FGS SureStaff makes it easy!


FGS SureStaff Identity Management
Our tailor-made solution enables users to manage all staff identities and accesses from a single portal.  SureStaff enables users to:
  • Automate the creation, update or termination of employee accounts and identities, on-demand or as pre-approved
  • Grant and/or revoke access and manage a pre-approved list of service accesses
  • Choose which fields to sync with other systems
  • Provide a single dedicated portal for managers and self-provisioning portal for employees, promoting efficiency and visibility
  • Audit and export all activities to the preferred SIEM


SureStaff integrates and syncs with your HR system and 3rd party systems such as AD, Intranet/ Cloud apps and DBMSs to roll employee identities across your platforms.
Designed for your active workplace

Cutting costs and improving efficiency are essential to every business wishing to evolve and grow. Our Business Process Automation (BPA) team can analyse and automate your business processes with both commercially-available and/or custom solutions.

Business Process Automation

Our BPA team are experts at analysing, automating and optimising business processes. We enable businesses to increase productivity while reducing costs and mitigating risk.   In some cases, business processes might not be performed correctly due to the time intensive nature and lack of resource, resulting in a risk to the organisation.

FGS can identify areas where processes can be streamlined and build bespoke solutions to deliver the automation.  Meanwhile, the workforce can focus on the jobs that really matter!