Our Software Suite


Features include:

SureStaff integrates with your HR system to create all the employee/contractor/intern identities and keep them in sync.

SureStaff integrates with 3rd party systems such as AD, Intranet/Cloud apps, DBMSs to automate the creation, update or termination of employee accounts. Provisioned on-demand or as pre-approved.

Review and audit any changes applied to the different identities and their corresponding third-party accounts

A tailor-made solution which allows you to:

With SureStaff it's easy!

For further information on our SureStaff system please call the office on +356 27440560

Contracts as a Service (CaaS)

Full Visibility On:

Expired or expiring contracts and certificates

All assets not in support agreements

Asset support statistics

A bespoke platform keeping track of all your IT contracts.

You will never forget a contract deadline again.

For further information on our CaaS system please call the office on +356 27440560