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From inception, FGS has been about business solutions. Understanding your business aims and objectives is fundamental to any successful solution, from design to implementation.


Your business is all about speed, power and agility. With the perfect hardware and software, your data centre will provide innovation and excellence to your business.


Drive your business to new levels, with hyper-intelligent IoT integration. Boosting engagement, productivity and time management. Powered by the world’s leading network technology.


We forge tight, powerful and personal partnerships, allowing you to identify where your company can improve and grow. With our expertise and your knowledge about your company, we can supply the best possible solutions to transform your company, enabling you to reach your aims and objectives smoother and faster.


When it comes to a fresh approach to information assurance solutions and governance frameworks,you should always choose to Inavate. With a huge amount of experience in the information protection sector, we can define, manage and implement the best strategy for your business. Having provided a vast array of ISO27001 consultancy to the majority of market sectors, we have a passion for managing risk coupled with a drive for effective delivery that makes us unique in the marketplace. Compliance without the complication is our approach.

100% Record

of achieving certification first time and within budget.

Our experience means that you can be confident that if you choose us as your ISO27001 consulting partner we will deliver.

We are not just a reseller, we are an innovator.

Transforming your data centre into the perfect architecture for your business needs.

Advanced data analytics - Rapid Inteligent Storage - High Power Compute

We do it all

Hybrid Cloud

Unleash your potential.

Simplify and accelerate your IT, reduce complexity, improve productivity and build agility.

We can guide you in the right direction when moving to cloud

Our Expertise

From backing up small business data to migrating FTSE 100 companies to an intelligent hybrid cloud environment, we can cope with any challenge.

Our Promise

We will be the partner to push you over the line by simplifying and improving your hybrid cloud infrastructure, making the process transparent and measurable.

Ignite your IT

Completely redefine your IT infrastructure with next-generation rapid computing technology.

Enabling you to embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence, to unlock the full potential of your business


Transform your company into a modern digital workplace.

Engage, Collaborate, Empower


By integrating IoT technologies with the worlds smartest, fastest and most secure networking architecture

Anything is possible.


You know your business,we know the products.

Together we can integrate these game-changing technologies and install the perfect solution for you.